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Seeing Eye to Eye

A Blog On Photography & Poetry

A photoblog with poetry knows no truth

I like photography.
And I like words.
On this photography blog, I play with both.
Which I like even more.
For me, words and images are expressions of the same:
Wanderings of the mind.
The soul speaking.
The spirit playing.
Eyes exploring.
Ears absorbing.
Mouths manifesting.

A Photography Blog with Poetry Experiments

Poetry is experimenting.
Putting words together, in a rhythm – the total of which attempts to convey something.
A surprise.
A feeling.
A thought.
A sense.
Experiments will not always work. That’s the purpose of every experiment.
To succeed or to fail.
And sometimes, words just fall short.
The same applies to imagery.
The veins in a leaf will communicate something to somebody, and something else to somebody else.
The colours in a kite evoke this or that.
The eyes of an old man, loving his wife, might cause jealousy in one, and affection in another.
A photoblog with poetry knows no truth.
No reality.
All it knows are the ripples following the pebble in the pond.
Thomas Moore said something fascinating, not too long ago:

“The purpose of art is not self-expression but presentation of the invisibles, the mysteries, the archetypal world, the myths we live.”

A “presentation of the invisibles”.
I guess that that is what I’m aspiring to here…
Yeah – weird, indeed.
On a photoblog with poetry…
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